6 Tips on How To Choose the Perfect Foundation

There’s thousands and thousands of foundations out there, so it’s hard to imagine how to choose one (although what girl only has one foundation?). But to choose the perfect foundation, it’s just a matter of narrowing it down, using these 6 tips:


It’s important to identify and be familiar with what type of skin you have. For oily skin, you should be looking for foundations with terms like “oil-free,” “matte,” “shine control,” “longwear,” etc. For people with dry skin, look for terms like “hydrating,” “luminous,” “glow,” etc. Some people have normal and/or combination skin, in which you don’t really have to look for such a specific targeted foundation. It’s more of just what works best for you.

Be mindful that your skin type can also change based on the seasons — I have to use a different foundation in the summer than I do in the winter. Just know your skin.

My skin type: Oily/Combination


Warm, cool, or neutral undertones? You’ll need to know these things before purchasing a foundation. A quick point of reference is: If you look better with gold jewelry, you have warm undertones. If you prefer silver jewelry, you have cool undertones. If you look good with both, you’re probably neutral (and lucky!). Remember that any clerk in a makeup store should be happy to help you figure out what your skin tone is, but also don’t be scared to swatch foundations in the store on your arm if you’re unsure!

My skin tone: Warm/neutral


Although liquid foundation is the most popular type of foundation, you might not even realize that there’s a better option out there for you. Foundations come in all sorts of formulas — powders, creams, sticks… you name it. Choosing this step is mainly based on your preference. Liquid foundation is for heavier coverage, and is best for an all-over application (girls who wear makeup all over their face). Powders are nice for people with oily to normal skin, because they are lightweight and you don’t have to use much of it (only where you need it).

The nice thing about foundations in 2018 is that it’s so well-rounded. If you’re main concern is wanting full coverage, but not wanting a heavy feeling on your face, there are tons of liquid foundations that have “weightless” formulas as well. Alternatively, you might be scared that a powder won’t be long-lasting enough, or have enough coverage… they got something for you too, sis! Take your pick.

My preferred formula: Liquid



Foundations come in a variety of finishes; such as matte, glowy, natural, satin, etc. This step is also totally preference, and might require some trial and error, but like I mentioned before, this should be based on your skin type. If you have extremely oily skin, maybe you should steer clear from luminous, glowy liquid foundations. If your skin is on the drier side, maybe that is what you should opt for.

My preferred finish: Matte (you can always get the glowiness from other makeup products, like highlighter)


Are you buying a foundation for everyday? Are you buying a foundation that needs to last at your nine to five job? For a night out? For a photoshoot? For the hot beach?

I personally have a foundation for all of these occasions. Nothing wrong with that, right?


You might think investing in a high-end foundation is really worth it. However, if you can’t justify spending $60 on a bottle of skin-coloured body paint, I can see that argument too. I have found some pretty equivalent finds in drug stores as I have in Sephora, so don’t think you have to break your bank in order to look good. Remember, makeup has something for everyone!


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