Adjusting To Life In Quarantine The Way You Should



It’s easy to fall out of healthy habits when you’re bored with nothing to do at home. “Nothing to do = Do nothing” was fun the first two weeks of quarantine but I quickly realized that it’s a scary trap to fall into, especially considering we have to go back to normal life at some point. You don’t want to come out of this being a scrub, and not doing anything/not having a routine makes me feel like just that! Here are things that you should keep doing even if you might be thinking “Why should I?” Well, while it seems like there is “nothing to do,” we should think of it as having all of this time to do things.


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You may be social distancing but we should still be checking in on our friends, and Facetime-ing them to not only keep busy but keep sane. I really can’t express how much I miss getting ready, getting dressed and going to see all my friends. But we’re just gonna have to be pen-pals for now.


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All this money that we’re receiving while not working (which isn’t tax-free by the way), AND not having much to do that you might have spent it on regularly. Is fucking lit. I’ve literally had a full tank of gas in my car just sitting there for weeks. I know the money sitting in my bank account must be so confused. But we are going to save this money and we are going to put some aside for next tax season and we are only going to spend it wisely and this is me hypnotizing you through the screen.


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Many of us have nowhere to go/no one to look good for. But that’s not to say we shouldn’t want to look good for ourselves. I say look good just to feel good. I have been continuing my skin care routine faithfully (which is easier when you’re not wearing makeup everyday anyway). I’ve been tweezing my own eyebrows to maintain them. I’ve purchased nail polish and Nails To Go to do my own nails and pedicure at home. I also found YouTube videos on how to do your own at-home waxing and at-home facials. Now is also a great time to give your hair a break from heat-styling it all the time. This is obviously for the time being, as I cannot wait to go back to my wax/nail/hair lady as soon as this is all over.


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I get depressed when my space isn’t clean… plus who wants to be stuck in the house all day when the house is dirty? I’m judging you if you have all this time and your house still looks like an episode of Hoarders. I was told about this Instagram account for really great cleaning hacks and tips. You don’t need to do a spring clean every single day, but once a month and then keeping the house tidy is really not that hard.


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Don’t let yourself fall off from your fitness goals, and if you’re not someone that went all out in the gym before, just working at your job probably kept you as active as you need to be for the most part. Now that a lot of us don’t have a job to keep us on our feet, we have to do something else. Go for walks/runs, work out at home, play motion data video games, etc. They say you need at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, that’s about a 20 minute walk everyday. That’s literally 1.39% of your day, when you’re probably gonna be spending the other 98% not doing anything anyway.


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I know what you’re thinking: “Worry about yourself.” This one is so hard. Like so hard. If there’s anything worse than being at home 24/7, it’s being at home 24/7 ON A DIET. The only thing I can think of that’s worse actually is being able to come out of quarantine in the middle of summer and being 40 pounds heavier. So whoever needs to hear this: PUT DOWN THE SNACKS 🗣️. I just can’t let us go out like this. Just eat some vegetables.


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Find something that keeps you busy and that you love. Whether that’s cooking, cleaning, knitting. For me it’s my blog, working out, and watching TV. Honestly, I was gonna add online shopping in there but that would contradict my saving money tip. Idfk do whatever you want at this point.


My point is: Don’t let the demotivating factor of not having anything to do make you not do anything. Because truthfully, that will make you feel even worse. The goal is to come out of this quarantine as the same person I was, or better. It’s a stressful time, but also progressive in the sense that we have all this time to work on ourselves like never before. Don’t let it go to waste.


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