Allow Me to Tell You About Racial Injustice



What you’ve all been witnessing this past week is just a taste of how emotionally drained black people have been for centuries.

Being black is turning on the news and seeing yet another innocent or unarmed person that looks like you getting killed by the hands of the police. Being black is being afraid to do normal things that other races wouldn’t even think twice about (and if you’re not scared for yourself, you’re scared for a loved one). Being black is being condemned for the way we choose to talk about it and demand justice, whether it’s peaceful or not.

Forgive us for being tired.


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Police brutality has become a norm. The recent murder of George Floyd has sparked such massive outrage because it was our breaking point. We see this all too frequently, though some people might only be privy to the pandemic that is police brutality just this past week. To catch you up, there has been tons of unarmed black people who have been murdered by cops forcefully and unnecessarily, many videos that have surfaced that are heart-wrenching as these people are begging for their lives and ultimately the black life is lost, and the white cop receives little to no repercussions. The reason why they feel so comfortable killing us is because of these little to no repercussions time and time again. And when there is consequences, it’s usually because a protest took place. We literally have to beg for justice for our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives for absolutely no reason. THE SYSTEM IS FLAWED, THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS FLAWED AND WE NEED TO SPEAK UP IN ORDER FOR CHANGES TO BE MADE. How is it that the organization that we’re supposed to entrust to save lives and be heroes in our community, are the same ones that are killing us and not facing the same punishments that a regular citizen would, especially considering police officers should be held to a much higher standard?


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White privilege is a thing. Just like there is such thing as male privilege, skinny privilege, rich privilege… there is no denying that. Having white privilege does not mean that you don’t face hardships in life, it just means that you don’t face them based on the color of your skin. Having this privilege is not something that you can control, but you can control how you use it. It warms my heart seeing white allies protesting in the streets, and using their voice to combat racism because truth be told, white privilege is a mighty mighty tool in this world. It’s definitely not enough to be silently non-racist, but be vocally anti-racist. That means actively raise non-racist children (please), it means use your platform if you have one to shame racist people, it means talk to your friends and family members who might be living in a bubble and educate them after you hopefully educate yourself. These are just a few ways that you can utilize your privilege for the betterment of this 400+ year war that we call racism that is unfortunately still alive today.


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I just feel like we shouldn’t have to see people die to empathize with the social injustice that black people face every. Single. Day. I don’t blame you for starting somewhere, but please don’t just start talking about these issues because it’s trendy only to ignore them every other time they happen. Don’t stop fighting this battle. We have to hold bad cops and racist people in general accountable. This is serious. We are not overreacting. People are dying for the color of their skin. Trust me, we don’t want to have to loot and riot but clearly kneeling wasn’t enough. We’re tired of being the popular and “cool” race when it comes to hairstyles, music, and Tik-Tok trends, but when it comes to the real brutal issues that come with being black everyone is silent.


That being said, to all of my non-black friends, followers, acquaintances and colleagues, thank you for those of you who have spoken out against this and/or reached out to me whether it’s to apologize, empathize, or just to learn. I see you and I appreciate you. Thank you.

Here’s what else you can do.



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