Must-Have Brushes for a Flawless Makeup Application

When investing in makeup products, it’s pretty pointless unless you have the right applicators to use them with. It’s important to know what brushes you need for each makeup step.

So what brushes do you really need?

Depending on the look you are going for, you can use either a brush or a sponge to put on your foundation. I find sponges make the overall look more natural than a brush. If you’re using a brush, “kabuki brushes” are best for foundation, because they have soft, dense synthetic bristles. I recommend the kabuki brushes with a flat head. Do not use anything domed if you want an even foundation application.

That being said, I probably use a foundation brush 1% of the time. I mostly just use a beautyblender®, because it looks less cakey, and it’s easier to blend.

What I use: beautyblender® / F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush

There are tons of concealer brushes on the market, but find one that is precise to what you use concealer for. If you use concealer for your under eyes, look for a medium/large brush with that rounded point shape at the top. The point of that shape will get in the crevises of your face so that you don’t miss a spot. You can even use this brush to apply cream contour.

If you use concealer only to cover certain spots/blemishes, you really just need a small tapered concealer brush with synthetic bristles. *Tip: these brushes are also amazing for applying lipstick if you want a very crisp application.

A beautyblender® is just fine for concealer too, the egg-shaped applicator makes it versatile so you can use the dome side or the pointed side to blend, depending on the size of the area you are concealing.

What I use: beautyblender® / M536 Under Eye Bullet / F70 Concealer Brush

When I use powder, it’s to set my entire face. For this reason, I would use nothing less than a nice large powder brush. Powder brushes should have a dome shape, just because that is the shape that will lightly and evenly distribute your powder. If you use a dense, flat, shapeless brush for this, you’ll pack on too much and look cakey.

What I use: F30 Large Powder Brush

Brushes used to apply blush should have an angle to it for a flawless finish. The same brush can be used for powder contour and bronzer, the angle is just what gives it a more sharp and defined look.

What I use: F40 Large Angled Contour Brush

Highlight is the final touch, so you need the perfect brush. For highlight, I think the most popular method of applying it is with a fan brush. That’s cool if you like to swipe your highlight across your cheekbones to achieve that super all-over glowy look.

If you like a more subtle and diffused highlight like I do most of the time, use a smaller more compact brush, so you can be precise and have more control of where you place your highlight.

What I use: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush A23 / Sephora PRO Featherweight Fan Brush #92

If you use a pomade or powder to fill in your eyebrows, you’ll definately need an eyebrow brush. When looking for this brush, you’ll want a small, slightly angled brush because these brushes will mimic hair strokes the best. The brush helps when it doubles as a spoolie on the other side, so that you can blend as you stroke.

What I use: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12

Obviously there are tons of different eyeshadow looks which means there’s a million different tips, tricks, and tools which I would have to dedicate a whole blog post itself to. For now I’ll share two brushes that generally get me to achieve a natural eyeshadow look every single day.

First, you’ll need a crease brush. You don’t have an eyeshadow look without a transition color in your crease. Use a very soft fibre brush meant for blending.

You need a shading brush for your eyelid. You’ll want this to be a denser brush so that you can pack on color. Shading brushes with non-synthetic bristles are best because they cling on to pigment so well.

What I use: E38 Diffused Crease Brush™ / E55 Eye Shading Brush

Every girl needs a flat-angled brush (different from your eyebrow brush), for multiple possible reasons: Carving your brows, cleaning up winged eyeliner, applying winged eyeliner, etc. It just makes life a lot easier to know you have a flat angled brush on hand whenever you need it.

What I use: Eco Tools Enhancing Eye Set


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