My AVEDA Skin Care Routine


My skin care routine consists of balancing my oily skin because sometimes I hate it, but I will thank my skin type when I age. I think it’s important to balance oily skin by removing excess oil, but keeping the necessary oils for hydration. Every step in my routine and every item I am about to mention is essential to achieve this main goal; and I’ll tell you why as well as how often I use them.


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I cleanse my face twice a day (day and night). Once in the morning to freshen and cleanse it before applying my everyday makeup and once at night after I take my makeup off just to obviously thoroughly get rid of any dirt that accumulated throughout the day before I moisturize. It’s a gentle cleanser and I like it for my oily skin because it suds up and you can literally see the oils and dirt lifting off. It’s my favorite everyday cleanser because I love the way it makes my skin feel.

What I use: AVEDA Purifying Gel Cleanser

Usage: Twice per day


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I tone my face each and every morning; after I cleanse and right before I moisturize. Toning your face balances the pH levels of your skin, so that your skin is more susceptible to the next step (which is your moisturizer). Basically it makes your moisturizer way more useful because it will seep into your skin better when it’s balanced. The toner I use is nice because it’s a spray, so all you have to do is mist it over your face; I use about 3 spritzes. This toner is good for oily skin because it dissolves surface oil throughout the day, so I love using it before I apply my makeup as well. Always remember to moisturize after toning.

What I use: AVEDA Toning Mist

Usage: Once per day


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You need to moisturize, it’s so so important for clear and younger-looking skin. A skin care routine is absolutely pointless without this step. I moisturize once in the morning ⁠— after my cleanser and toner, and once at night as my very last step. Moisturizing locks in everything you do and prevents your skin from drying out. The moisturizer I use is good for all skin types, but I use it everyday because it leaves your skin super supple.

What I use: AVEDA Hydrating Lotion

Usage: Twice per day


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It’s nice to exfoliate a few times a week, because as opposed to a gentle everyday cleanser, every once in a while your skin need a good scrub. I opt for (for lack of better words) harsh exfoliators with the beads in them, because the scrub and lather will remove dull surface cells and reveal the radiance in your skin. The exfoliator I use doubles as a face cleanser; so on the days I exfoliate, I do it at night instead of my gel cleanser, and always moisturize right after.

What I use: AVEDA Exfoliating Creme Cleanser

Usage: 2-3x per week


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A face mask is a treatment for your skin, I see it as going the extra mile for your skin care. I do one once to twice a week, depending on how I feel, and I always pair it with a day that I exfoliate my skin. I would do a face mask at night after you cleanse and exfoliate, and before you moisturize. The mask I use is vital for my oily skin because it absorbs excess oil and pulls all of your dirt and impurities. My skin always feels fresh afterwards. I leave mine on for 20 minutes and then use a wet cloth to wipe it off. Always moisturize right after.

What I use: AVEDA Deep Cleansing Clay Masque

Usage: 1-2x per week


You may notice a pattern in that everything I use is by AVEDA but I love this company and brand so much. Every product is made with organic, natural plant and flower essences and ingredients; even their exfoliators are safe and not harmful to your skin like most are. I would recommend AVEDA products to anyone with sensitive, acne-prone, or allergic skin, because I know those skin types are hard to shop for. AVEDA skin care is hypoallergenic, natural, and all-in-all results driven, so you will notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels in no time. Trust me.

You can purchase products I mentioned at your local AVEDA salon/spa/store. These steps, as well as drinking lots of water and NEVER sleeping in your makeup will have you set. 💕



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