Planning A (VERY EXTRA) Milestone Birthday

If you’re half as extra as me, you’ve never even thought about your wedding, yet you already have your 30th birthday planned out.

After celebrating five birthdays in a row in which I did it big each and every time, I think it’s safe to say that I am the queen of party planning. If you have a big celebration coming up, and you just want it to be glitter, gold and glamorous, then you need my advice.


This part is totally up to you. If you are a little bit more private, you might just want to do a special dinner at a fancy restaurant with reservations for you and a few of your close friends.

If you want a turnt up party but you still want to control the guestlist, you could book a hotel, a hall, or an Airbnb, deck it out with decorations, invite some friends and have a party all night.

If you want all eyes to be on you and you don’t care who’s looking, pick your favourite club, get on the VIP guestlist, order bottle service, and turn the club upside down.

Feel free to do all three.

You can’t have an elaborate party without an elaborate guestlist. Even if you’re going to a club where anyone can enter, you want to be with a group of friends with you that you can have fun with. Choose people who you trust and feel comfortable around, and if you’re inviting people who don’t know each other, think about if they will mesh well also.

Make sure everyone you’re inviting knows how to properly slay. The guys need to be dressed to the nines, and the girls need to be baddies also.

Most importantly, make sure that everyone there is there for YOU, and will want to have fun and make your birthday as enjoyable as possible. Make a grande invitation, a Facebook event, or just send out a mass text, but let those people know that they are the VIP’s for the night.

In my opinion, when it’s your birthday, EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW THAT IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. You have got to stand out. With that being said, you do not need (and I do not advise) a tacky tiara or a flashy sash or an “it’s my birthday” pin on your chest.

Your outfit alone should just scream that it’s your big day. Opt for sequins, sparkles, and/or rhinestone dresses with sexy heels. Make it affordable, since you’re going for an outfit that’s literally so extra, you probably could only wear it once a year anyways (see Pinterest link at the bottom of this blog post for ideas).

Keep in mind that drinking will probably take place. It would be such a nice thing for you to pre-plan the transportation just so that no time is spent on stressing out over a designated driver. Have your ride arranged. Uber XL, stretch limo, or a party bus. Take your pick.

You’re going to want to think of a “theme” for your birthday, and stick with it. Incorporate your theme into your cake, your outfit, and your decorations. I promise you, having any sort of theme makes the planning process a lot more fun. Plus, the coordination is what’s going to make a good look out of your whole birthday.

Your theme might be a quote, a tradition, or a simple colour scheme. For example; my 18th birthday theme was called “Wild For The Night” because that was my favourite song at the time, and I made everyone wear animal print. One of my most recent celebrations was my “champagne birthday,” so naturally, my theme was champagne/gold. Just pick something that emulates your personality, and carry it out all the way through, and your birthday will be a success. It doesn’t have to be super thought out; like I said, it could be as simple as your favourite colour (but remember, those giant number balloons only come in so many colours! 😉)


💖Extra Tip: Etsy is a good website for extra little knick-knacks for your party that you probably couldn’t find in stores because most of the items are handmade. Lots of money will be spent on this website, unless you’re good at DIY projects, but I, personally, am not.

All of this hard work is not going to go unnoticed. You might want to hire a photographer/videographer to document your special night. Or you could be your own photographer, be a good millennial and Snapchat the whole thing. Either way, ya’ll gon’ catch these views.


💖Extra Tip: I had a Snapchat filter for my birthday. Everyone asked me how, but it’s easy. There are thousands of online graphic designers you can hire who would be happy to create and upload a creative Snapchat filter for you, all you have to do is choose a location for it to go live. Mine is @armnimedia on Instagram. Go check them out!

What’s your drink of choice? Stock up before the big event. If you’re like me and you don’t like your guests to worry about anything except for showing up and showing out, then you can provide the liquor in a variety of ways. You can make tons of jello shots, stock a cooler, set up your own bar, or put everyone on the VIP guestlist for bottle service. Just make sure everyone knows it’s a night to not remember.

Is it even your birthday if you don’t have a decked-out cake? No, it’s not. You need a tiered cake. That is all.

This is probably my favourite, and the only reason, why I’m so into planning things. I live for the aesthetics of ANY event. Just let me know the theme and I’ve got it from there. You can decorate your venue any way you want. Depending on the theme and the milestone, you want your decorations to follow that.

I love adding things to my decorations, on top of the typical balloons, banners, and streamers. You can set up your own “Kardashian Photo Booth” by placing a ringlight in front of a cute backdrop, and a balloon bouquet (and make everyone use your filter 😉)

Like I mentioned before, you can set up your own bar with cups, shot glasses, an ice bucket, chase, and a variety of bottles. Just make it pretty.

You can set up a games station with glow in the dark beer pong, a beer bong, and a flip cup table.



💖Extra Tip: Pinterest is your best friend. Pinterest has given me so many ideas, whether it had to do with decorations, my outfit, nail inspo, makeup ideas, my cake design, my recipes for alcoholic beverages, etc. Here is a “Birthday” thread I made on Pinterest with all of the most glamorous ideas you could think of:


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