What To Do During Quarantine



Social distancing is hard for all of us, it’s a time where we’re uncertain of how long this new normal is going to last. Because of this uncertainty, levels of anxiety are reaching all time highs and all we can really do is try to maintain a level of sanity. To do that, it’s important to focus on our self-care, continue certain habits, and it’s a good time to adopt new ones as well. Here’s some things that you can do:


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Kidding, don’t.


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FaceTime might be the most important app in your phone right now. It’s the best and safest way to stay connected while social distancing. If that’s not enough for you there’s group FaceTime, Snapchat video, and “Houseparty” is an app where you can video chat with your friends and play games. It’s honestly lit.


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This quarantine is literal proof that not wearing makeup does absolutely nothing for your skin. We still have to focus on our skin care routines, and you can check mine out right here.


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In addition to everyday showers sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing bath. This also is an alternative to not being a rich celebrity with a pool in your backyard.



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There’s nothing worse than feeling like a bum everyday, and with nothing to go out and do it’s easy to not feel like doing your makeup and hair. But I believe that getting out of a habit will make it stick, so try not to spend the whole lockdown by forgetting how to do your eyebrows. I love doing my makeup (for myself, yes boys we don’t do everything for you). So get done up, and a good reason to do that is to just take pictures, whether you want to post them or not is up to you! But this will 100% increase your confidence and 1000% increase your feelings of boredom.


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With that being said, maybe you don’t know how to do your makeup, or you want to learn how to do different techniques. Now would be a good time to surf YouTube for tutorials for anything new you would like to learn. Find a new hobby. You could capitalize on this free time and find a talent, or work on a talent that you already have. Right now there is too much free time not to take advantage of it. This quarantine might literally last long enough to learn a whole ass language.


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Do not and I mean do not let this quarantine deter you from your goals and workout routine if you had one before this all started. Working out at home is actually favourable for me, but for some, not having the actual gym is demotivating enough to throw in the towel. You’re still allowed to go on runs outside, there’s apps, workout videos are available on YouTube, and Instagram fitness gurus have tons of home routines as well. Some of my favorite fitness Instagrams to follow are:






So there, knock yourselves out.


Hopefully this post inspires people to get up and do something, even if it’s just to take their minds off of all the panic. Nobody has definitive answers yet, so in the meantime just stay distracted. Most importantly, stay home, stay healthy, stay safe, & try not to lose yourself in the process!


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