What We Should Be Doing in Our 20’s

Speaking from a 23-year-old, who’s been told everything from “don’t take life too seriously” to “when are you going to finish law school, get married and have four kids by the time you’re 25…” nothing we are told makes sense. Don’t let pressure from older people get to you too much. If you’re worried about where exactly you should be in life at your age, start with these things, and you should be fine.

This is REALLY what we should be doing in our 20’s.


Mentally and physically, our health is something that is built on the foundation of our mindsets/lifestyles in our 20’s. The more we let ourselves go, the harder it will be to get back healthy as we get older. It’s much easier to remain on track then to get back on track. That means go to the gym, drink lots of water, go to therapy, take long walks, stop eating McDonald’s like you did when you were 15… We make our own choices now. Don’t make too many bad ones.


I haven’t even done as much of this as I’d like to yet, but all I know is everyone I know who is 30 and older wishes they would have traveled more in their 20’s. It’s a general consensus. It makes sense — travelling is a lot easier when you’re a young, free, single person who only has to worry about putting the dishes away before you hop on a plane. Not when you’re older with a business, children, and no luxury to just drop everything for a month or two. Take advantage of your freedom while you can.


With that being said, save your money somehow.


There comes a point where having beef just sounds stupid. We’re too old. This isn’t Love & Hip-Hop, and we don’t want to be Karlie Redd (and if you don’t know who that is, please just trust me). If you find yourself holding on to grudges, let it go for yourself, if not for anyone else. Life is way too short to worry about petty drama.


We live in a world where our favourite celebrities, artists, and sports teams are at our fingertips (literally ticketmaster.com). I cannot stress it enough how important it is to just forget all the stress in your life for one night every once in a while and go out, have fun. Whether it’s at a bar or a night on the town. But to me, the funnest thing to do is attend a good show by your favourite artist while you can! Unfortunately I don’t know if Jay-Z will still be touring when I’m 30.


Your 20’s are a time for you to have fun and experiment. You should find a group of people to do it with. This might take a lot of “trial and error,” but when you know you have a tight squad, you know. Keep them around if they keep you positive, and drop the ones who don’t. I definitely want to know who my real friends are by the time I’m in my 30’s.


Anyone can be a dog walker or a cashier. However, finding your passion is a lot more impressive than finding a part-time job that you settle for. Find what that is, whether you make money from it or not and do it because it makes you happy. Opportunities and money from it can come later if it’s something you’re really good at. By the way, I am not knocking anybody. Your passion could really be dog walking.


Like I said previously, bad habits are hard to shake the older you get. If you know you have a habit and it’s getting bad (eating, drinking, drugs, etc.), you might want to reel it in before your 30’s. I love the “I’m here for a good time not a long time” quote just as much as the next person, but not literally.



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